Crypto Minecraft Server Idea

One redditor has a Crypto Minecraft Server Idea that he explains in details.

He wrote:


I am working on a bunch of blockchain projects right now and am a Minecraft nerd and simply dont have the time. But this is VERY doable.


There are thousands and thousands of minecraft servers. It is the most popular video game to ever exist in History and still played by millions and frequently updated with new features, etc.

Many of these servers are ran by ordinary people. Many of these servers develop and/or run speciality in-game items and speciality game permissions for players. Many of these servers charge real money for such items and abilities. Minecraft has the biggest modded community in game history.


It would be fairly easy to setup NFT’s for specific ingame speciality minecraft “god items” and other permissions or “builds” or “land plots”, “particle effects” “god weapons, armor, tools”.

Each NFT could be traded on the blockchain. Each owner of the NFT can be verified by confirming their minecraft account and connecting it to their blockchain their wallet address. (easily confirmed on both ends through programming). Once a owner is verified they can “use” that item on any server that is running the “code” for this setup.

Each NFT would have a transaction fee associated with it whenever purchased or traded. This smart contract would then automatically pay out to the people who are running servers with this NFT code along side other variables like their player base and how often items like this are used on their server.

Incentive for buyers (minecraft players):

So you create cross server trading for items that contain real value and scarcity worth real world money that can be used in multiplayer on any server running that code. These items grow in value and scarcity over time.

Incentive for facilitators (server owners):

You also incentivise server owners to run the code because they get paid out based on both the increasing value of these NFT’s along side the transaction fees associated with buying and trading them. “

This was his Crypto Minecraft Server Idea

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