Widiland How To Play

This NFT game started in June 2021. The game and it’s story is inpired by real life environmental crisis. Widiland How To Play 

Widiland takes place at the year 2130 when Earth is slowly dying from toxic waste and resources are depleted. Humans are in danger of food and energy scarcity. That’s why a small group  of scientists was chosen to travel and search for life in outer space.. (sounds familiar?) 

Well in this story, they found TKE-1012 and called it WIDILAND.  

The game is about exploring and building a new world. The Player’s task is to rebuild civilization on the Widi planet using limited tools and resources.  

To succeed, a player must manage those resources effectively and increase production capacity to expand their territory. 

The beginning of the journey is about survival! Remember the story earlier? the crew’s food supply is running out, so players need to quickly build up their food supply by developing agriculture in Widi.  This is Widiland How To Play 

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