Vulcan Forged How To Play

The Vulcan Forged gaming ecosystem got a welcome booster this week as active users across its four leading games grew exponentially. The gaming ecosystem, fuelled by its native PYR token, attracts gamers and investors alike as the play-to-earn movement continues its impressive march onwards**.**

Like all play-to-earn games, the native token underpins the ecosystem. In this case, PYR is utilized by players as in-game currency, and to earn rewards through staking and leveling up. Unlike some other play-to-earn games popping up with frankly weak mechanics, Vulcan Forged appears to be bedding in for the long run.

The utility of the token can be seen through activity on the native marketplace where players are buying, selling, and trading in-game items represented by NFTs. In this way. The play-to-earn mechanic is activated as players level up and sell extra cards no longer required or forged. One other very innovative feature of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem is that they have established the first decentralized exchange dedicated to gaming tokens only.

Vulcan Forged appears to be well on the way to building a nice user experience loop. One that can keep players entertained, rewarded, and loyal to the ecosystem. And this is Vulcan Forged How To Play

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