Splinterlands How To Play

Secret laboratory leak: Rocket Monsters unveals their first demo Splinterlands How To Play. Check it out if you are interested in this NFT project Splinterlands is arguably the most polished and popular blockchain game out there at the moment, 250k daily users on the hive blockchain. There’s a year long airdrop of the governance token going on currently (SPS, 85 cents-ish per) based on assets held. The in-game currency, DEC, went from .001 cents to .014 cents in a few months. There are guilds, tournaments, a card lending and renting system, in game marketplace, and an upcoming expansion featuring land, of which the NFT I mentioned is a part of. And that was Splinterlands How To Play

Splinterlands rules the blockchain Metaverse and has lived an exponential growth as never before. Once that happened the things got calmer and the new players’ onboarding is on a smoother slope than the abrupt rise and value recognition. I think we are in a user base consolidation stage and as the brand was established now it organically expand. Still, we need a new event to push the user base over the board and that could be in a sustained marketing approach or new features released in the game with more appealing rewards in the game. But one thing is certain for me is that it will come, we just need to be perseverent and wait for it while completing the Daily Quests, Season End and Guilds Battles. Only this way we will be prepared for a new surge in this ecosystem.

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