Minecraft on PS3: Best Mojang Tips & Full Game FAQs

Following the release of Minecraft on PS3 this Wednesday, and your many questions about the game, we thought with Owen of the Mojang team that it would be interesting to create a complete FAQ on Minecraft, as well as some pro tips .

Hello everyone, Owen from Mojang, again. Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition ( the game on the PlayStation Store ) was released a few days ago, and to help the most beginners among you I decided to take a tour of our offices to ask the developers of the game what are the best advice they could give you. I hope this will help you

Mojang’s tips

Never dig in a straight line to descend. It is much more difficult to come to the surface afterward and you risk falling into the lava. Lava is too hot to be cool Never dig in a straight line to ascend. You may end up with a flow of sand, gravel, or even lava on your head! If you come to a fork and one of the roads leads to the surface, take that one. Always explore the safest alternative before you go adventuring in the depths.

Always watch your back in dark places. In case there is something scary behind you… BOOH! Make sure you bring torches. Put them down first, then collect the resources The tools are cool! Use them and improve them whenever you have the chance The evil one prowls the night. It is wiser to build yourself a shelter before it gets dark Remember to take food with you during your explorations. There is nothing worse than starving to death.

Iron armor offers good protection and is not too difficult to craft Never look the bugs in the eye – this tip comes to you from  4J Studios Do you have any other tips for our players? Which ones? Oh, and don’t forget to hang out with your family and friends between games of Minecraft 😉

Minecraft Complete FAQ

Does Minecraft on PS3 allow using game save on PC?
No. The games are different so that wouldn’t be possible.

Does Minecraft on PS3 allow cross-save on PS4 and PS Vita?
Not for the moment. We are exploring this trail and will have more info by next year.

Can I play online with players on the PC version?
No, sorry.

When will Minecraft be released on PS4 and PS Vita?
Minecraft on PS4 and PS Vita will be released in 2014, we don’t have a specific release date at this time.

How much will Minecraft cost on PS4 and PS Vita? Will there be a bundle containing the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions?
We don’t have any information regarding the PS4 and PS Vita versions at this time, sorry.

Will there be a boxed version of the game?
At the moment the game is only available for download from PlayStation Store.

Can I have my own server and invite my friends to join me?
You can invite players to join your game, but you need to be logged in for them to access your server.

Can I play split screen with friends?
Of course. In split screen it is possible to play up to 4, and up to 8 in multiplayer.

Does the Minecraft version on PlayStation 3 offer the same gameplay elements as the other versions?
Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will launch with the same functionality as the other console versions. The versions are almost identical in terms of gameplay and will be developed in parallel from today.

Does the Minecraft version on PlayStation 3 offer texture and skin DLC?
The DLC will be available for download from PlayStation Store shortly after the game’s release.

Will there be exclusive content for Sony?
Exclusive Sony skins and textures would be pretty cool! We cross fingers !

Does the Minecraft version on PlayStation 3 offer Remote Play functions and compatibility with the PS Vita / PS4 versions We don’t know yet, sorry? We will let you know as soon as we have the info.


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