Minecraft: all you need to know about the revolutionary creation game

In just a few years, Minecraft has gone from being an indie niche game to being a mainstream game popular with gamers around the world. But where does its phenomenal success come from? And how do you play it? We explain it to you.

When pixels represent survival

Minecraft was developed in 2009 by the Swedish Markus Persson (” Notch “), then by the development studio Mojang. It is a game that is difficult to define, but it is commonly categorized as a “sandbox” game. It is a type of game giving great freedom to the players who will define their own objectives with a certain number of tools made available.

Minecraft Dungeons, the latest in the family

In 2018, the latest action-adventure Minecraft Dungeons was announced, a game based on the combat mechanics of Minecraft, where players explore mazes full of enemies and collect useful items to advance through canyons and mines. The objective: alone or up to 3 players, destroy the plans of the evil Arch-Illager in order to save the villagers. 

Minecraft offers players to collect natural resources (earth, sand, wood, stone, water…) in order to modify the 

world available to them, while trying to survive as long as possible against evil creatures. It is during the day that you will use the resources collected to build a shelter, a tunnel, or any type of refuge ensuring your defense against hostile monsters (skeletons, zombies…).

The universe of Minecraft is considered a dynamic world because it is generated randomly and deemed to be almost infinite (we are talking about an area 8 times greater than the Earth! ). It is made up of several varied landscapes: forests, plains, deserts, mountains …

Minecraft sports a cubic design necessarily reminiscent of LEGO toys but which we will qualify here as ”  pixel art “. It’s a design that has come back gallop for a number of years, a sort of homage to the first video games of the 8-bit era with clean graphics.

Pick up your pickaxe to try out all three game modes

Minecraft  offers three game modes that will put your creativity to work:

  • Creative mode: It is a single-player and multiplayer mode where the player has an inventory made up of all the blocks in the game in unlimited quantities. The maps are smaller and less diverse than those in survival mode.
  • Survival mode: It is a single-player game mode where, as its name suggests, the goal will be to survive by managing several parameters. The player will have to make tools by amassing the various resources at his disposal, eat regularly to satisfy his hunger or even repel the monsters that materialize in dark recesses …
  • Multiplayer mode: This is the mode most appreciated by the Minecraft community because it allows players to play together in real-time on the same world. Players can cooperate to defend themselves, or on the contrary, compete to impose their law. Note that it is possible to play in “creative” or “survival” mode.

A look back at a social phenomenon

Minecraft is a real UFO in the video game world. Its success must even have surprised its creator, Markus Persson AKA Notch, who has become a real recognized character in our industry. He managed to develop a game with a lifespan whose only limit is the creativity of his community. It is very popular with children and young people, especially because it is very easy to understand and the possibilities for customization are limitless. Anyone can improvise as an architect in Minecraft, and at low cost!

Players are constantly amazed by the creations of others, because while exploring the universe, they can discover truly impressive gigantic constructions! Proof of this is with these achievements of the Titanic, the Starship USS Enterprise ( Star Trek ship ), or… a palace dedicated to the cult of the melon! All on a real scale. Very impressive!

Minecraft more or less came out of nowhere but is now the spearhead of indie gaming. It is the best-selling “ indie  ” game  in the world (176 million copies across all media), the most publicized and the most accessible to a large audience, which also contributes to its widespread success.

The game has also largely inspired the Creative mode of Fortnite. In this mode, players can now build their dream island without constraints and show it to their friends, in order to reinforce the community aspect of this already very popular game.

In an era where warlike games monopolize sales, a game like Minecraft brings a breath of fresh air to the video game landscape. It is a game with simple mechanisms whose limits are constantly pushed back by an ever larger and more creative community.

Its global impact is so powerful that Reporters Without Borders has decided to create a virtual library in Minecraft, giving access to the press anywhere in the world, even in countries where it is censored! An exceptional project, which proves once again that video games are much more than “children’s entertainment”.


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