EmberSwords How To Play

EmberSwords How To Play. Secret laboratory leak: Rocket Monsters unveals their first demo. Check it out if you are interested in this NFT project

They’ve currently offered two NFT land sales so far with at least one more scheduled before launch date q1 2022.

The land system is unique in that as a land owner you get a percentage of any transactions that occur on OR within 10 squares of your land.

In game vanity items will also be NFTs on a play to earn kinda of thing but not pay to win which should appease most gamers out there.

IMO the graphics stomp on any other nft game out currently. The earning potential of the land is intriguing as are the mechanic. And this was EmberSwords How To Play

Also the economy works where people earn while ensuring fair play by having all blockchain aspects be irrelevant to the core gameplay. People can earn cosmetics from different PvP/PvE objectives and then sell those. However, said cosmetics don’t affect stats in any way and as such a person cannot buy them and become overpowered.
Having land is also not pay to win as everyone has access to every change you make to your plot. If you and your neighbors put down a bunch of stuff for one profession to optimize leveling up that one profession you cant just limit some other random person from also using the land

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