Crypto Royale How To Play

I’ve seen Crypto Royale being mentioned more and more here over recent months , as someone who has been playing for quite some time I’ve previously shared some tips on how to earn more in the game. This time I wanted to share something different – 100 things you may not know about the game 🙂 Crypto Royale How To Play

  1. There are no downloads needed to play
  2. There is no upfront cost to play
  3. By the time you’ve read this list you could have played 2 or 3 games
  4. Ranked games are the free games (Lowstakes and Highstakes are not!)
  5. First place pays Roys
  6. When a certain number of players participate, Second place pays Roys
  7. When a certain number of players participate 3rd place also pays Roys
  8. A training room was created to help new players learn the basics before entering the ranked games
  9. Asian and North American Servers are now available
  10. This game used to be called NanoRoyale but was rebranded to CryptoRoyale when the dev moved it to the harmony blockchain – notably for its speed of transfer and low gas fees.
  11. The game recently celebrated its 1,000,000th game, the winner of that game was given 1000 ROYS – congrats YoungFattaWan
  12. Another record was broken on 15/10/2021 – 24,372 games played in a day – the record was previously 21,821
  13. The most players during a single tournament currently stands at 219 (this record is expected to be broken on 17/10/2021)
  14. The game recently established a stable >1,000 unique players each day
  15. In October 2021 Crypto Royale was awarded a grant from Harmony
  16. The official launch of the game’s new design, Skins, NFTs launches on 17/10/2021
  17. To celebrate this 777 USD will be played for in the Sunday Tournament – thanks to Shapeshift who are putting up the FOX token
  18. This Will be the third FOX Coin of the week
  19. A racing mode is currently under development called KartRoyale
  20. A turn based game is currently under-development – various community members are volunteering their time and brilliance to make this happen Crypto Royale How To Play
  21. Collectable cards have begun being created courtesy of player Lorenzo
  22. A use case of cards through game development has been suggested for these cards
  23. One of the top player’s Soul was sold through auction – player mks now owns Blackbanana’s soul
  24. There are four tournaments a day (2am, 8am, 14pm, 20pm utc) Monday to Saturday.
  25. Sunday tournaments happen at 15:00 utc.
  26. Tournament schedules can be found with the !tournaments command
  27. Tournaments are free to play and the prize pool is ALWAYS split
  28. Tournaments are a race to 1200 points, when the first person reaches 1200 the tournament is over
  29. You receive ROYs for the position you finished Crypto Royale How To Play
  30. The semi-finals and final are held in the High stakes Room
  31. You can often find Zingowner in the Lobby commentating on the final matches.
  32. Recordings of tournament finals can be found in the Clips-and-box-art channel.
  33. Dropping tips during the semis and Finals is forbidden
  34. The mods would have you believe double rewards are random, but stats show these are most likely to be announced between 10pm and midnight (CET)
  35. Triple rewards are announced immediately after the Sunday Tournament
  36. The Game’s coin launched on 10/06/2021 as $ROY
  37. Players were rewarded ROY through an airdrop, calculated on the number of games played before the conversion to $ROY/Crypto Royale
  38. Players who left Nano in their game wallets during the game’s change from NANO to Harmony were rewarded ROY at a 1:10000 ratio
  39. Current staking offers 93% APY Crypto Royale How To Play
  40. Players can boost their Roy earnings by 10% simply by connecting the discord to the game
  41. The Price of ROY has grown from 0.0009 in June to 0.0137 in four months
  42. Daily staking rewards are actually capped at 5000 ROY per day at today’s current price
  43. In game Shortcut – press F for Fullscreen,
  44. In game Shortcut – press N to go to next Game,
  45. In game Shortcut – press R to be ready, Crypto Royale How To Play
  46. In game Shortcut – press Shift+Control+Alter+click Claim all boxes,
  47. Players can activate the old design by clicking on the controls button – other adjustable configurations are available – colour blind mode
  48. Some players opt to deactivate player tips to not be distracted – Blackbananna is one such player
  49. Previously allowed through transparent development and usage, bot usage has been banned within the game since
  50. The top ranked play is currently Gawet with a ranking of 1821
  51. Multiroletalent has the highest killstreak (98)
  52. Dedkolo has won the most games in 1v1 (5295)
  53. The player with the highest Kill/death ratio Aufice – 6.91
  54. Multi Role talent has earnt the most through playing – 743935.69 ROYS
  55. Blackbanana has the highest rating ever registered – 1959
  56. Only the developer ROYalty knows what a 2000 ranking is called
  57. Nateisland has dropped the most tips ingame (12898)
  58. You don’t actually need to buy ROYs to activate the Whale achievement, if you already have 10,000 ROYS move them from your in-game wallet to metamask and then back into the game and you’ll get the achievement – and associated rewards
  59. Spinning a blue on the wheel means you’re losing the actual value of your roys
  60. Spinning Red means you win the actual value
  61. Any other colour means your gamble pays off and you make a profit
  62. Players have started creating their own game NFTs, one such player is Lorenzo and despite the ‘introducing cards’ NFT being listed for 1 one – you can obtain it for free by replying to a comment in the discord server – you just need to search in crypto chat 😉
  63. The main player community is in discord, many players are aware that Royalty is the admin/dev and Zingowner, Luc, Lily, are mods, many don’t know there is another Mod – Gray who is MIA.
  64. Whenever your see a funky poster its most likely been created by player Sh0x
  65. The new design was created by player Elena
  66. There is an ongoing giveaway on the official Instagram account, an instant 5 ROYs can be claimed if the post is found
  67. One player (Graydon) runs a stream on Youtube and gives away ROYs – yesterday he gave away 500+ ROYs (15/10/2021)
  68. Private games between friends can be created by typing !royale to the bot, share the link to your friends and the general community wont see the game was created
  69. Luc is known by many as the People’s Champion – a title earned from his humble attitude despite being among the elite
  70. There is a mysterious MutedScene player (also seen as MutedSceneTrip, MutedSceneAirport, MutedSceneMale) that once frequently taunted the pros and can hold their own in high stakes against Multi, Blackbanana, Luc
  71. Branlong, a whale and long time supporter of the community, gives out large amounts of ROY via private games in the #general channel
  72. Pressing Tab gives you a boost
  73. Fast, true to his name, has an insanely fast playstyle.
  74. But the master of the zooming style is Tuki, whom many have seen fly across the screen at lighting speed. The terms “Tuki Mode” and “Tuki-ing” are coined after him.
  75. There are only 4 players with over 1 million points (number of achievements x number of games played), and the current player with the most points has over 1.5 million.
  76. The last known legitimate longest game, where players were playing to win, was 242 seconds.
  77. The last known record for longest game is 577 seconds.
  78. The game starts breaking if more than 13 players are in one game. Only two 13 player games have ever been played.
  79. Firebomb has won the most games
  80. If you reset your router,your auto-generated name will change
  81. Blackbanana has won 50+ tournaments so far
  82. Player and programmer ROYTOTHEMOON has developed various side projects around the game including 1) a website calculating how many Roys one would need to buy items just as a bed, car and boat. 2) a quick game to test reaction times with the new colours.)
  83. The record number of players in one day was achieved on 15/10/2021 – 1,429
  84. Other cryptos that have been given away through Crypto Royale include; Viper, Algorand, Viper, XLM, XYA, COINK,
  85. Autoclickers are permitted (for now)
  86. The very first tournament was won by Aesa
  87. He also streamed it and interestingly, he was playing online chess at the same time.
  88. Ranked rooms used to be called faucet, but were rebranded
  89. Crypto Royale provides the only ONE faucet (to date), players or visitors can easily obtain ONE by swapping ROYs through the game
  90. The exchange rate from Roy to ONE is deliberately unfavourable to ensure the system isn’t abused – it is intended to provide dust for gas
  91. Prior to the ONE dust withdraw, community members would manually send ONE dust to other players to help out
  92. On 16/10/2021 Sh0x and aServantofFate became Moderators in the discord server
  93. One player has been banned from the game for illegal bot usage (prior to a recent change bots were allowed as long as their use was declared).
  94. A player named VOID once tipped tens of thousands of ROYs to fellow players, it was confirmed as a deliberate redistribution of wealth
  95. Only 2 players have a positive h2h against the game’s undisputed best player multiroletalent. The dev Royalty and Mr.Jenga
  96. Players frequently place bets between themselves (RoyBets), previous bets have included tournament winners, World cup winner, which club Messi will sign for, the winner of Wilder vs Fury fight, Joshua vs Usyk fight etc…
  97. There is a limit set to 1000 ROY for the breakeven slice when you roll your personal wheel, if you feed the wheel over this you cannot roll it… unless you ask the developer. Firebomb was the last person to exceed this cap and span with a chance of winning a 110906 roy jackpot..
  98. When Highstakes was first launched the cost of play was 200 ROY (compared to 80 today),
  99. Staking rewards are distributed between 00:00 and 01:00am utc.
  100. 48% of Crypto Royale players consider themselves new to cryptocurrency, 39% of players replied to a poll that they play the game for at least 9 hours a week

And here are Crypto Royale all skins

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