Coin Hunt World How To Play

What is Coin Hunt World? Coin Hunt World How To Play
Our goal with Coin Hunt World is to help educate the world about crypto by getting it into their hands in a fun way & help alleviate some of the financial difficulties people and businesses are struggling with now, especially in the time of covid. It is a geo-location game where you explore your cities, discover keys to open vaults, play minigames and earn cryptocurrencies.

What’s new in this version?

Improved graphical quality
Improvements on location by WiFi
Improved random trivia question quality
User account creation
HQ creation in Coin Hunt World
Friend invite system with referral code and rewards
Key forging now available at every keybooth (providing you have enough keys)
Printshops added to the game (rare, most often found at malls and other big commercial places)
First buddy quest are in the game! If you invite a friend, there is a chance you and your friend will receive a buddy quest. Solve the quest and you both get a big reward.
Sonar effect indicating something rare is nearby (like a printshop)
Credits added to the options menu
Anti-Aliasing toggle added to the options menu (for lower end phones)
And Leaderboards went in to the game (both local and global)
The first batch of new avatar blueprints cointain in the game
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Coin Hunt World How To Play

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