CheemsPets How To Play

The CheemsPets team are building a one of a kind games for IOS and Android.

CheemsPets is a game with rewards based on daily engagement in the game. Think Sims meets Decentraland!

In CheemsPets the users will be able to build as many pets as they would like, each pet has an identity which will start in our CHEEMSWORLD pet store or animal shelter and build up from there. In the game every pet will live in CHEEMSWORLD and all pets will be able to earn CheemsPets tokens in the game by doing the daily assignments, working at a job and completing their daily obligations on time.

As each pet earns more CheemsPets tokens in the game they can buy upgrades such as clothes, food, accessories for building up attributes and even skills for them to get better jobs to earn more CheemsPets tokens each day.

More of games like this can be found here and decide what is the best game for you to enjoy and earn some money at the same time. Another you might want to check out is where you can find more games for IOS and Android

In short CheemsPets is an NFT GameFi platform developing the world of MiniPets, an open adventure game. It is still in the early stages and it has a potential to be the next big thing. So if you love NFTs and love investing we higlhy recommend this game to you. It could be an Investement of your lifetime.


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