Bomb Crypto How To Play

Here is Bomb Crypto How To Play: If you got high rarity heroes and commons, deploy the high rare ones first but don’t let them finish the map. Their goal is only to deal considerable damage to chests until they fall to 10-25%. Once the HP of chests are low, deploy your commons. Treat your commons as like the cleaners of the team. Let them finish the map while your high rarity heroes are resting. The high rarity heroes should rest for at least 3 hours while the commons should rest for at least 2 hours. If you have 4-10 commons, kindly divide them into 2 teams so that the first 2 teams (team 1= high rarity heroes, team 2= 4-5 commons) can rest. Basically divide your entire team of heroes into 3 teams. Just keep on repeating this tactic: Deploy High rarity heroes, rest high rarity heroes, deploy team 1 commons, rest team 1 commons, deploy team 2 commons, rest team 2 commons, repeat. If you still haven’t finished the map, just redeploy your team 2 and 3 commons. Make sure your high rarity heroes has enough stamina for the next map. This was Bomb Crypto How To Play

If the stamina of the first group (high rarity heroes) are full then do not consume all of their stamina. You should conserve their stamina for the next map and let the common groups finish the chests even if it means consuming all the common’s stamina. The reason for this is because commons regenerate pretty fast (2~ish hours) so let them be the map cleaners.

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